Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Manga Scanner Group

We take dropped manga and then translate the rest of it. Yey!
Newest Project: 1/2 Love, It's easy to do this one because It only has 1 more chapter to translate.
Series Description: Akari is a plain girl. Akari is really attracted by the new popular Unit of idols  called “Flowers”. Then Akari gets the chance to sing at the Flower’s center?! But what is the secret that Flowers keep…?!

I will post as media fire version of this as soon as I upload the manga.
Here's chapter 3, I don't think they put some of the pages in the right order' but you'll figure it out.
Here it is!:


  1. Here:

  2. Thankyou so much, i waited so long to read this chapter!!!

  3. TY so much :)

    Just to know, can we make requests?

  4. Hello, thank you for picking mangas that has dropped byb another group.
    I read the comment above, and I want to make a request
    If you can, I really hope you pick Junai Labyrinth. I recall that there's only one volume to go
    Thank you for your considerate

    1. Hey thanks for requesting a manga. but, you do have to read this forum post and fill it out before your request will be accepted:

  5. Hello I wanted to see if they give me permission to translate into Spanish the chapter 3 the 1/2 Love!

  6. I want to request could you please scan Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata! manga? No one scans it.