Sunday, March 24, 2013

Joint Project with KKA Scans (E's Otherwise)

We've gained a lot more members since my last post (like 5 people, 2 in which are translators)
And KKA Scans wants to joint with us. We are going to scanlate this manga because I've seen the anime, and It ended horribly. I desperately want to read the rest of the story, and I'm sure there are a lot dis-satisfied fans out there.

Kai Kudou is part of an elite organization of psychics known as Ashurum. Kai is sent on a mission to take custody of other unregistered illegal psychics in the city of Gald.

However, he strays from his companions and is taken in by Yuuki Tokugawa, an odd-job-man who is currently working for the guerillas that are in opposition to Ashurum.

As Kai spends more time with Yuuki and his mysterious sister Asuka, Kai starts to wonder what Ashurum's purpose is--are they trying to protect the psychics or control them?

There's about 9 other volumes to scanlate, but we'll get it done (Maybe in the next 2 years or KKA scans will gain a few more members.)
Hey, go check them out:
They only have two members. We have like 18 or 20 staff members now (we will still recruit, but please check them out too.)

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