Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kappa-Scans is Recruiting!

Please join if you like our cause.
This is a scanner group picking up manga that's been dropped. There may be one manga every once in awhile that will be entirely our own to scannlate, but it'll be much better to translate dropped manga. 
I want to start this group where we translate manga that has not been given a chance. I mean, we all hate when groups don't start what they finish, and the only way to fix it is to either ask the group or do it yourself. 
There's been plenty of manga dropped for little to no reason (except time). I know some are the mangaka's delay. But most are just dropped willy nilly. I also want us to be the group where people go to for help with their favorite manga because some other group dropped it. But, I know it'll be super hard to do a ton of projects at once, so maybe we'll release 1 requested manga once a month? 
We basically pick up everything from Slice of Life to Smut (smut is just shoujo or eechi with sex it's not hentai). But of course it'll be dependent on staff's preference. But, I'd like to do any and all. (NO HENTAI MANGA EVER THOUGH.)

I'm looking for a couple of translators (As many as we can get is great)
I would like ones for Manga and Manwha, so for Korean and Japanese. If you are a Chinese translator, we could use you for a manhua. 
Quality Checkers
Proofreaders, and any other miscellaneous position you want to fill. 

You can post here, or PM me if you want to help or ask questions. 

I don't know what to call this group because it's literally for any type of manga, as long as it's dropped or not touched. So if you have a suggestion for the name, please tell me.

If you do join this group, please join this forum:, and PM me here about it. 

The manga we are considering are: 
Wild Life, Luck Stealer, School X Fight (You suggest some!)

Also, we pick up dropped manga here:

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