Friday, July 19, 2013

Mangas we are doing With the full list of requested manga!

Hi everyone here are the list of manga we are doing:
Nanaka 6/17 (We are actually working on this right now!) 
School X Fight (Got the manga raws finally, need translator though >_<)
Wild Life (I still want to do this manga really bad, so we will.)
I hate you more than anyone (I have the english scans up to volume 7, and I'll buy the other volumes when i'm done cleaning and upload those.)

List of requested manga (that has been confirmed as dropped):
 Crimson Empire
 Toriko Aigan Shoujo
Advent of Snow White of Hell
 Kunisake Izumo no jijou

I have to still look for the raws of these mangas, and if you want to see them up, then I suggest you apply to do something, or it'll have a even slighter chance of getting up. If you specifically request to work on that manga, then we'll probably be able to do it (with a translator available that is.) I will deny requests to be proofreader (unless we need one sometime).

Want to request something? Go here:
The manga has to be dropped, and you have to register for the website. The chances of your manga getting picked up increase if you actually apply to be staff for your manga (be we need the raws to do it).

Rules for requesting!:
The manga HAS to be dropped
Definition of dropped: Scanlation group is dead, the group officially dropped it, or no new releases for 6 months.
You need to provide raws (i'll most likely look for them myself if you don't, but it'd be easier for you to find them)

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